Best Lawyer Joke

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An engineer dies and is sent to hell.

He finds it very unpleasant and begins to fix things up.

He installs escalators and eventually air conditioning in all the places; and everyone likes him down in hell, and he finds it not so bad after all.

One day God calls up Satan and asks how things are going down in hell.

He says its great, that the engineer that was recently sent there has fixed up the place and they now have escalators and air conditioning everywhere.

God becomes outraged, “What!? An engineer, how did you get an engineer? There must be some mistake, your not supposed to be sent engineers, I demand you send him up here.”

Satan replies, “No, he’s good to have around, you can’t have him.”

God says,”If you don’t send him up here, I’ll sue you.”

Satan merely laughs and says, “Yeah, and where are you going to find a lawyer up there?”