Short Intelligence Test

The following short test consists of 4 questions and will tell you whether you are qualified to be a professional. The questions are NOT that difficult. But don’t scroll down UNTIL you have answered the question! . . . Questions #1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? #2. How do you put… continue reading »

Newlywed Marriage Advice

Three couples got married and spent their honeymoons at the same hotel, where they were all attended to by Jeff the Bellboy. The first man married a nurse. Jeff showed them to their room, all the while thinking to himself, “Lucky guy! Nurses are known to be hot to trot.” The second man married a… continue reading »

Student Rhymes Humor

A class 5 teacher asked her students to make rhymes with their names; Sam: My name is Sam, When I grow up to be a man, I want to go to Russia and Japan, If I can, If I can, If I can. Candy: My name is Candy, When I grow up to be a… continue reading »

The Divorced Barbie

Ralph is driving home one evening, when he suddenly realizes that it’s his daughter’s birthday and he hasn’t bought her a present. He drives to the mall, runs to the toy store, and says to the shop assistant, “How much is that Barbie in the window?” In a condescending manner, she says, “Which Barbie?” She… continue reading »

Man’s Dinner In Girlfriend’s House

A working-class man who has been going steady with his upper class girlfriend for about a month is asked to have dinner with the girlfriends parents. They live in this huge mansion house in the country with servants and butlers etc, and everything is very very posh. Before dinner, he and his girlfriends parents are… continue reading »