Couple’s Long Marriage Life Humor

A couple never fought in 25 years. A friend asked: how did you make it possible? Husband: We went to Paris for our honeymoon, while horse riding my wife’s horse jumped and she fell down. She got up and patted the horse’s back and said ‘this is your 1st time’… After a while it happened… continue reading »

Bob’s Surprise Gift

Bob forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was mad. She told him “Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds. AND IT BETTER BE THERE!” The next morning when his wife woke up she looked out the window to find a box gift-wrapped… continue reading »

Couple’s Gift Humor

Wife : Honey before we got married, you used to give me gifts and expensive jewellery. Husband : Yes…so ? Wife : How come you don’t do it anymore ? Husband : Have you ever seen a fisherman give worms to the fish after catching it?

Newlywed Couple Humor

On their first night together, a newlywed couple go to change. The new bride comes out of the bathroom showered and wearing a beautiful robe. The proud husband says, “My dear, we are married now, you can open your robe.” The beautiful young woman opens her robe, and he is astonished. “Oh, oh, aaaahhh,” he… continue reading »

Perception Humor

There was a perfect man who met a perfect woman. After a perfect courtship, they had a perfect wedding. Their life together was, of course, perfect. One snowy, stormy Christmas Eve this perfect couple was driving along a winding road when they noticed someone at the roadside in distress. Being the perfect couple, they stopped… continue reading »