The Technology Humor

The Technology Humor

Two software engineers happened to be very close friends. One day, while sitting in a restaurant and having
coffee, one friend asked the other… “Howz your relationship with that new girlfriend going”?

The other guy “I forgot to mention, yesterday she came to my house

Friend: WOW!!! What happened then.. tell me the full story…
Man: Well.. I played her favorite music and we danced.

Friend: Then what happened…??
Man: Well… as we were dancing together.. we kissed…

Friend: then what… keep going…
Man: Well.. I picked her up in my arms and placed her on the table.. next to my new laptop…

Friend: You got a New Laptop…. When…???
Man: Just last week… my parents gifted me one…

Friend: Wow!! What configuration… ??
Man: 500GB harddisk, 8 GB ram.. 4.3GH processor…

Friend: Does it have an HDMI port?
Man: Yes

Friend: A blu-ray burner?
Man: Yes