What Happened To Her?

There was this car that was driving very slowly down the highway. A state trooper pulled it over. “What did I do wrong, officer?” the driver asked. “You were going 26 MPH on a major highway, there is a law against that. You must go at least 50 MPH.” “But when I got onto the… continue reading »

OMG How Embarrassing

I was in a cafe last evening when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, So I timed it with the beats of music. After a few songs, I started to feel better. After I finished my coffee, noticed that everyone was staring at me… then I… continue reading »

Height Of Surprise

A boy after spending great time with GF, saw a guy’s photo in her bag Asked: Is he your ex-boyfriend? . . . GF kissed him said no dear that’s me before surgery.

OMG! She’s Pregnant

An 80-year old man walks into the doctor’s office for his regular check-up. The doctor says to him, “Ahh, Ted, how are you feeling?” “Great,” says the old man. “I have an 18-year old wife, and she’s pregnant with my child.” The doctor gives a concerned look and says to Ted, “Ted, let me tell… continue reading »