A Man’s Baked Beans Sacrifice

One day a man met a sweet woman and fell in love. When it became apparent that he would marry, he made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans. Some months later, on his birthday, his car broke down on the way home from work. Since he lived in the countryside… he called his wife… continue reading »

Man’s Dinner In Girlfriend’s House

A working-class man who has been going steady with his upper class girlfriend for about a month is asked to have dinner with the girlfriends parents. They live in this huge mansion house in the country with servants and butlers etc, and everything is very very posh. Before dinner, he and his girlfriends parents are… continue reading »

The Big Fart Nuke

A woman went to dinner with her boyfriend at his parents house for the first time and was eager to make a good impression. The boyfriends mother however had cooked a rich Mexican meal full of onions and beans. Shortly into the dinner the woman felt a fart coming on but try as she might… continue reading »

The Fart Humor

A priest, a math teacher, and a soldier all got on the plane. The math teacher took out his math book to plan his next lesson, and it fell out the window. The priest took out to bible to pray, and it fell out the window. The soldier took out a grenade in memory of… continue reading »

The Guy And His Date Humor

A guy goes to pick up his date for the evening. She’s not ready yet, so he has to sit in the living room with her parents. He has a bad case of gas and really needs to relieve some pressure. Luckily, the family dog jumps up on the couch next to him. He decides… continue reading »