Don’t Look At Me, He Packed His Own Lunch!

Three construction workers were eating lunch on construction beams some stories high. One was Mexican, another was Italian, and the last was American. Each was upset about the same lunch they always got: the Mexican – tacos, the Italian – spaghetti, and the American – sandwiches. So, the Mexican said, “If I get tacos for… continue reading »

The Plane Is Going Down, We Got Too Much Weight!

There were an American, a Britain, a French, and a Mexican. The pilot comes out and yells, “The plane is going down, we got too much weight!” and grabs the only parachute and jumps out the door. The French man yells, “Viva la France!” and jumps. The Brit yells, “Long live the queen!” and jumps…. continue reading »

We Have Too Many

There was a Canadian, an American and a Mexican riding in a taxi. The Canadian says, “We have too many leaves in my country.” – and throws out a maple leaf. The Mexican said, “We have too much sand in my country.” – and throws sand out the window. Inspired, the American throws the Mexican… continue reading »