Rules From Men To Women

Few Rules from men to woman ==> Men are NOT mind readers. ==> Learn to work the toilet seat. You’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don’’t hear us complaining about you leaving it down. ==> Sunday sports . It’s like the full… continue reading »

A Blonde Woman Dinner

A blonde woman is invited for dinner at her cousins house and as they only live a few blocks apart the blonde lady has walked there. As the blonde is getting ready to leave it starts pouring with rain. The cousin has had a few too many drinks at dinner so says to her blonde… continue reading »

Couple’s Conversation At Dinner Table.

A very prestigious wealthy man and his wife were having dinner at a very fine restaurant when this absolutely stunning young woman comes over to their table, gives the husband a big open mouthed kiss, then says she’ll see him later and walks away. The wife glares at her husband and says, “Who was that?”… continue reading »

A Windows Fan In Hell

A man (a Windows operating system die hard fan) dies and goes to hell. Satan greets him, “Welcome, we’ve been waiting for you. This will be your home for all eternity. Now you have a choice of three places in which you’ll be locked up forever.” Satan takes him to a huge lake of fire… continue reading »

Funny Essay Analogies And Metaphors

Every year, English teachers from across the USA can submit their collections of actual analogies and metaphors found in high school essays. These excerpts are published each year to the amusement of teachers across the country. Here are last year’s winners. Are you the new English teacher? 1. Her face was a perfect oval, like… continue reading »